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A Proven System of Operation
We have over 32 years of knowledge on how to run a successful franchise in the kitchen and bath industry and that means we’ve seen, and been through, it all. Our strong system of operations gives you the knowledge, guideline and methods you need to be successful in every aspect of the business. We’ve done the hard work for you; your job is to just implement it.

A Robust Training Program
Our number one priority is training, and our Home Office is dedicated to the training and support of new franchisees. Your training starts with a 4-week online pre-training course, followed by an 8-day hands-on training at our Home Office in Aberdeen, SD. You will learn how to run every aspect of your business: marketing, sales, accounting, hiring, profitability, and everything in between. After training, you will be assigned a mentor from our Home Office team and you will work one on one with them for your first 12 weeks. We work together to ensure your growth as a business owner and as an individual. But remember, this is only the beginning!

Ongoing Training
Your training does not end after 12 weeks! Our philosophy is training never stops. With this mindset, we’re always striving to keep you the most informed and trained consultant in the kitchen and bath field. Your knowledge will keep expanding with our private podcast, weekly coaching calls, monthly newsletters, online owner’s forum, weekly emails, National Reunions, online webinars and our KTU Connect program. Our KTU Connect program launched in 2020 as a way for our team to be in contact with every owner on a consistent basis. On top of calling into the Home Office at any time, this program allows our team to continue building relationships and ensure everyone is staying tuned-in!

An Established Sales & Marketing System
Running a kitchen and bath remodeling business has its own set of rules, and Kitchen Tune-Up has the rulebook. You don’t need to have any prior sales or marketing experience to be successful. Kitchen Tune-Up knows what it takes to get and convert business. We have a proven sales process that we teach you and our marketing team stays up on all the trends for online and other marketing channels.

Group Buying Power
Negotiating a better price for the franchisees and their customers is just one more benefit of working within a franchise system. With the power of a group of franchise owners, you’ll find some of the best prices in the industry. With a larger volume buy comes more attention to each owner and special benefits not afforded to local “mom and pop” shops.

Today’s consumers need an escape more than ever, and they seek out healthier food options that make them happy. We continue to share the craveability of the tropics and satisfy the tastes of our health-conscious guests. To keep up with demand, we opened 124 Cafes in 2019, and have been recognized as one of 2019’s fastest-growing franchises by Entrepreneur and Nation’s Restaurant News.

We’re Bold Where Others are Bland.

People’s taste buds have gotten more sophisticated, and bold flavors are in demand! At Tropical Smoothie Cafe, pesto, chipotle, hummus, and Jamaican jerk are exciting flavor profiles we feature as food preferences go global. Spinach, kale, avocado, and superfruits like acai are revving up our fruit smoothies.

Our Culinary Team is always looking for what’s new and noteworthy to satisfy our guests’ cravings for bold flavors that awaken the senses. Throughout the year, we introduce new flavors to our guests and drive sales to our Cafes with limited-time offerings.

We Keep it Simple.

At a time when everything seems to be getting more complex, we’ve created a business model that’s simpler. We’ve done away with costly elements of food prep—there are no fryers or hoods—which keeps development costs low. Instead, there are just high-powered blenders, a convection oven, and our fresh, flavorful ingredients that win over brand fans everywhere we go.

Our Cafes are easier to operate, so you can connect with your guests and mentor a team that’s young, high-energy, and passionate about the brand. Our guests love our Cafes, and our employees enjoy the atmosphere, which helps you attract and retain high-quality team members. We’re dedicated to your success and will pair you with a trusted Franchise Business Leader that will help guide and support you along the way.

It’s Thursday night. There’s hot dinner warming up in the oven, and your son wants help with his solar system diorama. Your partner should be in the driveway any minute after picking up your daughter from soccer practice. But you won’t be waiting at the door—because home is New York, and you’re stuck in Reno.


Many of our investors turn to us from their successful professional careers. Even though they’re comfortably compensated and at work in fields they enjoy, they’re tired of long commutes, trips and conferences in distant cities, and lost time away from their families. By getting involved with real estate investment, our independent business owners can use the sharp skills they’ve honed over their careers to work close to home, on their own schedules, while providing for themselves and their family.

A better way

We love helping people trade their old careers for real estate investment, and provide access to specific, active training and mentorship from our network of other qualified, successful franchise owners.

  • Take control of your own life, working at your pace on the projects you choose.
  • Get paid while you earn equity on your investments.
  • Lose the commute and work from home.
  • Take advantage of access to HomeVestors training, expertise, network, brand, and software resources.
  • Use finely-honed professional skills to build your own wealth.
    Develop relationships and invest in your own community

Are you Ready to Finally be your Own Boss?

If you’re thinking about supplementing or replacing your job in the corporate world with real estate investments, check out HomeVestors.

We’ve cleaned up pretty well so far.

As the nationwide leader in Fire & Water Cleanup and Restoration, the SERVPRO Franchise Community has continually been recognized for its many achievements.

Servpro Opportunity

Since 1967, SERVPRO has been helping individuals realize their dreams of business ownership. Our tried-and-true brand, system and support allow people from diverse educational, vocational and financial backgrounds to take control of their own futures, building a business molded around personal goals and lifestyle. Owning a SERVPRO Franchise is an opportunity to take advantage of our proven track record while being in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Benefits of Franchising

There are several benefits to Franchising besides the independence that comes along with business ownership.

Quick Start. Franchising offers the advantage of starting a new business quickly based on a proven business formula.

Expansion. Franchisees are able to develop their businesses to a significantly higher level due to the help of provided expertise.

Training. Franchisors often offer Franchisees in-depth training, which is not generally available when starting a business.