Investing in a franchise is one of the biggest decisions you may make in your life.

Our goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs to make the right decision.

We provide no cost, no obligation consulting services to people like you who want to realize their dream of owning their own business.

Gwyn O’Kane, Franchise Broker

The Decision Process

Owning your own business can set you on the path to build wealth and to create the lifestyle you are dreaming about. Franchises are a great way to get into a “business for yourself, but not by yourself” and franchises have a much higher success rate than starting your own business. However, choosing wisely on a franchise that meets your goals and expectations can make the difference between success and failure- which is exactly why FranDecision is here to help guide you through the process. 

Decide on the Right Franchise

There are good franchises and there are great franchises. There are also some not so good franchises and many that are just not right for you. Before you even start looking at franchises, it is important to ask yourself questions such as: Do I want a business that operates from home, from a car or from a  leased, or purchased location? Do I want to work standard business hours or retail hours? Do I  want employees or am I more interested in options with no employees? There are many more important questions you’ll need to ask yourself in order to really appreciate which franchise may be the best match for you. Selecting a franchise is a big decision. FranDecision is here to help guide you through the process as a trusted advisor with the insight and experience to help guide you in making the best choice.

Why FranDecision?

Here are some of the things we provide to people like you looking at starting their own business:

  • Personalized consulting and guidance following FranD’s “5 Step Process”
  • Discover if you are cut out to be a Franchise Entrepreneur
  • Uncover what franchise industries you should be considering
  • Identify franchise opportunities that are a good fit for you
  • Access to decades of franchise industry experience
  • We know the right questions to ask
  • We guide you every step of the way
  • We are committed to helping you make the right decision
  • Best of all- Our VIP service is FREE to you!

What’s your Next Step?

Sure, you could select a franchise on your own, but why would you if you have access to a no-cost expert to act as a guide and sounding board? An expert that has been in the franchising business for more than 20 years! Great entrepreneurs surround themselves with experienced advisors and  partners. They value additional insight and opportunities to learn from others. They are not  afraid to seek advice or help. Seeking guidance with one of the biggest decisions of your life is not only smart, it’s critical in avoiding pitfalls and mistakes. We are ready to help- are you ready to take the next step in your journey to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself? Call, email or text  to set- up your free, initial consultation today!

Thank you
Gwyn O’Kane, IFA Certified Franchise Executive