Gwyn O’Kane
aka Kiwi

FranDecision provides us the ability to share our franchise and business experience with people like you who are trying to decide if they should invest in a franchise and if so, which franchise to invest in. FranDecision also provides us the opportunity to get under the “hood” of multiple franchise opportunities so we can really discover great opportunities to share with our clients. That’s the really valuable part of FranDecision-  Someone in your corner working for you!

Are we Franchise Brokers? Yes! Which is exactly why you don’t have to cover our fees. When you discover, using the FranD 5 Step Process, which franchise opportunity is right for you, the franchise brand you select pays. It’s a great model and a win-win for all parties because when we help you properly vet the franchises, we are in a way, also vetting you. Franchise brands trust that prospective owners working with a FranDecision broker are more informed, more aware of what their goals and expectations are- which in turn leads to a more successful candidate. Franchise brands value this because their franchisees success is important, so for a high quality match- they’re willing to pay our fee.  

Are you prepared to put your best foot forward? A franchise owner’s success is very important to a Franchisor. There is a large investment in training, set-up and ongoing support and franchise closures and failures impact a brands ability to grow and finance critical operations. Many of the most successful franchise brands are very selective with franchise owners. We’ve seen aspiring franchise owners get excited about an opportunity only to get their application with the franchise they’ve chosen get denied. Another reason working with FranDecision, is a wise decision.