This is Erin

Founder of Power of Pluck, a business brokerage firm, Erin is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion and skill for assisting individuals achieve their dreams of becoming a business owner, or successfully selling their business when the time comes. 

Erin works alongside Gwyn O’Kane with FranDecision clients at various levels of our clients business sale, growth, or acquisition process. With a keen eye for recommending operational efficiencies that drive profitability and maximum business valuations, Erin adds tremendous value to our clients experience and success. 

Using her proven business acumen for financial and operational analysis, Erin offers guidance in the sales and acquisition process. In selling a business, her ability to quickly assess and give recommendations to achieve maximum sale price adds tremendous value to our sellers bottom line. For clients looking to buy an existing business or franchise, Erin’s ability to read between the lines of disclosures and financials gives buyers guidance in determining a reasonable purchase price and potential ROI to ensure it’s a good fit for our clients entrepreneurial goals.  

Gwyn and Erin have known one another for over 17 years going all the way back to when Gwyn assisted Erin and her husband Gabe in acquiring the rights to a Pirtek franchise in Seattle, WA. Fortunate to work with another again at Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, a franchisor, where Erin served as the Director of Marketing and Gwyn as the VP of Franchise Development allowed the two to achieve great success in helping franchise owners. 

In working together professionally over the years- a lifelong friendship developed based on common goals of always striving for excellence in all that we do, having fun along the way, and most importantly- a zealous passion for helping others succeed in achieving their goals and dreams.  FranDecision is proud to have Erin work on behalf of our clients to help you along your journey to success.